"The World's Greatest Unemployed Talk Host"



With all due lack of respect, I cannot imagine every calling in again.  You are running a stupid and disrespectful show. I get that you would like to make it locally and nationally. Forget it!

Dave, Hoboken, NJ

Note from Jim:  Point taken about the show being stupid and disrespectful, Dave.  However, I don’t see that’s any reason it shouldn’t be successful.  Thanks for the feedback.


Mr. Greenfield,

You claim to be a conservative.  Yet you constantly brag about how you opposed the Iraq War, and you go on and on about how you like illegal immigrants because no one else will mow your lawn for $10.  I don’t think you’re a conservative.  I think you’re a self-centered blowhard who doesn’t give a damn about anybody but yourself.

Glenn W.,  Tucson

Note from Jim: I never claimed to be a conservative.  As to being a self-centered blowhard, thanks for the constructive criticism. 



You say you’ve been fired by radio stations 7 times.  I can’t say that surprises me.  Your problem is you don’t know when to shut up.  Also I think you have a really high opinion of yourself, and I’m not sure why.  Maybe you wouldn’t keep getting fired if you tried a little humility.

Linda, Dallas, TX

“I reject and repudiate everything that Jim Greenfield stands for.”
Congressman William Chappell (D) CA.

Mr. Greenfield,

As I have previously advised you, for the past two years our organization has been developing a dossier concerning your nefarious record.  That process is now complete.  I wanted to give you fair warning that we are beginning legal proceedings to have you removed from the airwaves and for the institution of appropriate disciplinary measures against you..  We have learned that your history of misdeeds include the following: scofflaw violations including charges for fleeing the jurisdiction to evade prosecution brought by Constable John Lynch in West Chester, PA, disbarment from practicing law in two states, impregnation of numerous young women in a variety of locations without benefit of matrimony, serial violation of the Mann Act, unpaid moving violations in three states and the District of Columbia, investigation by the Attorney General’s Office of Financial Fraud, legal action for sexual harassment in 1994, arrest for assault allegations by your ex-wife in 1997, and repeated dismissals by innumerable radio stations and networks for chronically controversial and inappropriate conduct .  We think the way you conduct yourself on the radio is reprehensible.  It is our position that a person of your low moral character ought not to be permitted access to the public airwaves and we intend to pursue whatever steps are necessary to achieve this objective. 

Sincerely yours,

Reverend Chester Gilmore, Minister Second Christs Church, Selma, Alabama
Executive Director, Center for Public Morality

Note from Jim:  The truth is that this minister has an axe to grind because one of those alleged young women was his daughter, or his wife, or somebody, whatever.  It was 20 years ago, Reverend; get over it!



With all due disrespect it’s amazing to me that you have the gall on your show to ask people to send money to you.  I mean how stupid do you think we are?   Why would anyone want to send money to you?  I know, I know; NPR asks for money.  But, Greenfield, you’re no NPR.  You say people should send you money to keep you on the air.  But I’ll tell you what.  I’d be willing to send you money to get you off the air.    Cause I think you’re a disgrace.  Tell me how much it would take to get you off the air and I’ll try to raise it.  This is not a joke. 

Gerald S, Scarsdale, NY


Can I give you some advice?  I know, you’re a grown man and maybe you feel you don’t need  advice.  But please think about this.  How many years have you been trying to make it in radio?  I know you think you’re the world’s greatest talk host.   But maybe the public doesn’t appreciate your talent.  Or maybe, and I hate to say this, you aren’t as good as you think. To tell you the truth, I don’t really like the show.  Are there people who think it’s funny?  For some reason you seem to piss people off.  Does the phrase “cut your losses” have any meaning for you?    Jim, it’s time to give up and try a different career.  I’m only saying this because I love you.