"The World's Greatest Unemployed Talk Host"

Jim's Ego Mania Page


(Like as if anybody cares)

  • Ivy League Education.  Jim has a B.A. from Cornell University - Government Major;  J.D. - University of Pennsylvania Law School . (Big Deal!)
  • Jim used to be an Attorney!  He unconvincingly claims he was too honest to practice law, so - accelerating the downward spiral of his descent into social ignominy - he became, um, a used car dealer. But when the junkers he sold broke down on the way home from his lot, his customers wanted their money back.  Jim didn’t want to give it to them.  So he pocketed the money and became a politician instead.
  • Jim Greenfield was the Republican candidate for Congress in 2002 (to the dismay of the Republican Party).  Jim advocated abolishing the IRS.  And he invited young Arab men visiting the U.S.(especially the type who like flying airplanes into buildings) – to go home, & maybe, y’know, come back some other time. (No wonder he came in second!) .  Hey, this is no joke.  He really has managed to enter the three most respected (not) professions in America – lawyer, used car dealer, and politician.  There was nowhere else to go soooo ….
  • Jim Greenfield became a Talk Host.  Having failed at everything else (yet still somehow managing to get rich) Jim noticed that he had all the qualities which seem to make for a successful talk host, mainly –  arrogance, contentiousness, and rudeness.  Qualities which are generally considered to be character flaws, but in the talk radio business, for some reason, are strengths.  Yes, Jim’s finally found his true calling. 
  • Believe it or not, for 12 years Jim was a Goldsmith Foundation Trustee, and was onthe Selection Committee- Goldsmith Prize for Investigative Reporting, Harvard University (til the Foundation wised up and kicked him off the board).
  • Jim is proud to have been fired by more radio stations than anyone except Rush Limbaugh, who Jim refers to as the second best political talk host in America.  (Guess who Jim thinks is the best).